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cattle в Турции

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Иванов, ООО, RU
We supply for the manufacture of natural footwear, a component, in particular, a slip-on shoe for the bottom of a screw-fastening shoe. Genuine...
Оптовая цена
1 800 - 1 850 $/шт
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, Стамбул +2 объявления
We can provide you the bulls, cows and young cattle for meat and meat - dairy line breeding. Our most popular races are Aberdeen Angus, Simmental,...
Small Cattle
Оптовая цена
120 - 150 $/шт
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, Стамбул +2 объявления
Greenfield Incorporation can offer you sheep and goats for breeding and slaughter. Goats and sheep are rearing for meat, wool and pelts, which...
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Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time we are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By...
Sun Cured Alfalfa
Оптовая цена
200 - 220 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, Стамбул +2 объявления
Alfalfa is very palatable forage for dairy cattle and a good source of protein, vitamins, calcium and potassium. It also tends to be higher in...
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