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Grain seeds in Antalya

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Rusya'dan buğday ihracatı / Wheat exports from Russia
Price on request
Rusya'dan buğday ihracatı / üreticiden / 2020 / Kategori 2,3,4,5 Stavropol bölgesi Wheat exports from Russia / from the field Пшеница урожая 2020 года на экспорт из Ставропольского края Класс 2,3,4,5
21 Sep 2020
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$1/t CPT
I will sell lentils in bags and big bags by machine norms. Terms of delivery are negotiated. Prices are negotiable.
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28 Jul 2021
Price on request
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest the delivery of all kinds of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives to any place of the world on conditions: CPT, DAP, CIF, FOB, CFR. We are constantly
4 Jun 2018
Tahıl ve sebze bitkileri tohumları - Семена зерновых и овощных культур
Price on request
Tahıl tohumları: - Buğday; - arpa; - Çavdar; - Yulaf, yanı sıra sebze bitkileri. Üretim Belarus Cumhuriyeti. Uygunluk belgesi. Fiyat tartışılabilir. Viber veya Whatsapp'a yazın. İşbirliği için sabırsızlanıyoruz. *** Семена зерновых культур: - Пшеницы; - Ячменя; - Ржи; - Овса, а так же овощных
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24 Mar
Семена сорго для веников
Продукт сертифицирован . Предлагаемая продукция полностью соответствует высоким международным качеством.
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26 Aug 2022
Wholesale price
from $220/t EXW
We are selling soft wheat of the 3 classes in internet by correspondence. The volume is 500 to 8000 tons. A wheat fall number is 150 minutes and the minimum of gluten is 26. Other parameters by guest. The wheat was bought from а farmer, thus VAT is trader's. We will be glad to consider your request.
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15 Jan 2021
165/t FOB
Wheat (3 classes) Ukraine origin Price 165 Euro ton FOB 1. Moisture content,% max 14 2. Protein, min,% 11.5 3. Wet gluten, min,% 22 4. Foreign issues,% max. 2 5. Addition of grain,% max. 2 6. Test weight, g / l, min. 77 7. Falling No second, min. 200 W, min 160 Packing: bulk Inspection: SGS in the
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22 Jul 2020
Wheat \ Пщеница
Wholesale price
from €1/t CIF
Wheat, feed barley, rapeseed, soy, corn in bulk wholesale from Ukraine. International trade in large wholesale. Wheat Grade 2 protein 12.5% humidity 14% weed impurity 2% cereal impurity 6% Wheat Grade 3 protein 11.5% humidity 14% weed impurity 2% grain admixture 8% Feed wheat humidity 14% weed
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8 Aug 2022
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