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Cookies Policy

In the course of site operation Individual Entrepreneur A. A. Rylskyi, Kyiv, Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Administration), some information could be collected using cookie (Cookies) from your desktop or mobile browser.

Cookies is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on the user's PC or mobile device.

Each time you try to open a web page of the corresponding site your browser sends this piece of data to the web server as a part of an HTTP query.Such an approach is used to save data on the user's side. In general, these Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • user authentication;
  • to store personal preferences and user settings;
  • to trace the status of the user access session;
  • to register statistics about users.

Types of cookies

Necessary Cookies

These files are necessary for the site to function properly. They enable the User to browse the site and use its capacity. These files do not identify the User as an individual. If the user does not agree to use this type of files, this may affect the performance of the website or its components.

Performance Cookies

These files enable Administration to understand how visitors interact with the Site by providing the information about the areas they visited and the amount of time they spent on the site. Also, they reveal problems with functioning of the internet resource, such as error messages. This helps Administration to improve the site. This type of Cookies could not be used to identify the user. All information collected and analyzed is anonymous. The User can block the usage of these Cookies.

Marketing Cookies

These files are used for providing content that may be of interest to the user. They can be used to deliver targeted advertisements or to limit the number of ads views. These files also help the Administration to evaluate the efficiency of advertisements. The Administration may use these Cookies to record information about the sites you have visited and may share this information with other parties, including advertisers and advertisement agencies. The user can block this type of Cookies.

Session Cookies

Are deleted as soon as the user closes the browser window.

Persistent Cookies

Are deleted on a certain day or after a certain period of time. Information on Cookies is transmitted to the server each time a user visits the Site. Cookies can be used to record the user preferences over a long period of time and to avoid re-entering of the data every time you visit the site.

The Administration has the right to allow third parties (suppliers of advertisements and/or analytical services) to collect information using Cookies directly on the web pages of the Site.

Functional cookies

Many Cookies are also used to ensure for you optimal site use by identifying your PC computer or mobile device on a unique but anonymous basis. These Cookies can, for instance, save your language settings or find out the last activity of an individual during one session.

The Administration can analyze user’s traffic in order to measure our site usage frequency, as well as to improve the site content and the services provided. Such analysis will be done with the help of IP addresses and Cookies.

The user has the right to choose whether to use Cookies or not. The most common browser settings are:

  1. Completely disable Cookies.
  2. Delete Cookies when closing the browser.
  3. Detection of the third-party Cookies and their appropriate handling (for example, limitations or prohibited use for them).
  4. Processing of Cookies based on “white” and/or “black” lists, updated by the user or the browser developer. Blacklisted Cookies are blocked.
  5. Ban Cookies from certain domains (a kind of "black list").
  6. Setting reasonable expiry dates for the Cookies.

More detailed information can be found by the following links:

Please, note that by rejecting to use and save Cookies on your device, you will still be able to browse the site, however, some options or functions may not work.

All the terms in this text are used according to the terminology determined in the User Agreement of Flagma.biz.tr services and the Privacy Policy.

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