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Nasta Tradings, AS
2.0 31 May 2019

Nasta Trandings GmbH is dedicated in providing the best quality products and services to our clients as partnering to the global market and looking for better partnership in increasing our market share. With our long years of experience in the supplies of products all over the world, we have...

0.0 29 Nov 2017

We are an import export company located in istanbul turkey and we are interested in agricultural product such as urea n46 and we will have other inquiry in the future.

Alainkenyivehnnah-chemshop, LS
0.0 19 Apr

We sale Caluanie Muelear Oxidize for sale. Product: Caluanie Muelear Oxidize ( Crude Caluanie 99% is generated from Muelear oxidize) Caluanie (Oxidative Partarization Thermostat, Heavy Water): The price for the canister ( 1pc ) -5 L. This product is used for crushing and processing precious...

Biogreen Agro, YSS
0.0 16 Aug 2020

Biogreen Agriculture Biological Control Systems Ltd. Sti was established in 2015 in Antalya. is a manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products. Adhesive rolls, card traps, delta traps, pheromones (tuta absoluta, thrips, cydia pomonella, etc.), bumble bees and other organic products in the...

Canceviz Fidan Ltd., LS
0.0 18 Dec 2019

Walnut and Almond Saplings (Tree) Producer and Exporter to the World. Chandler - Fernor Ferragnes - Ferraduel

CGM Group, LS
0.0 24 Jan 2020

We are import/export company located in istanbul/Turkey. We wanna make bussiness with kazahsthan brothers.

0.0 9 Aug 2018

Greenfield in corporation llc are dynamically developing trade and manufacturing company which is founded by cooperation the best farms of Ukraine and managers with extensive experience in international trade in the area of agriculture (grain).

Greenfield Incorporation, Koop
0.0 21 Mar 2018

Greenfield Incorporation are dynamically developing trade and manufacturing company which is founded by the best farmers of Ukraine and managers with extensive experience in international trade. Policy of Greenfield Incorporation is used to bring the best out of the Ukrainian Land, with the use...

0.0 7 Jul 2016

İmportno eksportnie operatsiyu . İnvesticionnaya deyatelnos. Turesticheskiy biznes

Kristal Landscape, GKT
0.0 22 Feb

Landscape, Tree Production, Seedling and Sapling Production, Seasonal Flowers Production, Multi-year Outdoor Plants Production, Irrigation Ssystems, Fertilizers, Peat, Multi-storey Car Park Systems, Wooden Houses Production, Wooden Urban Furniture

Maslaboyki, LS
0.0 4 Dec 2018

Churn machine, we produce electric and gas cookers. We export directly from factory

0.0 29 Apr

Niğmer is manufacturer and exporter that agricultural machines like Trailer and harvester machinery, bean digger, onion desoldering and Fodder mixing machine.

0.0 14 Aug 2020

Anahtar teslim Tarımsal sulama sistemleri (Damla Sulama Sistemleri, Yağmurlama Sulama Sistemleri, Center Pivot) ve bitki besleme ürünleri satmaktadır.

Semak Agro, LS
0.0 7 Feb

Greenhouse Construction and equipment supply and fixing. Turnkey projects.

The Alpha Group, LS
0.0 31 Oct 2017

The Alpha Group operates in five sectors: 1) Global commodities trade; 2) Foreign investment consultancy in Turkey; 3) Real estate development; 4) International general construction contractor; 5) Exports and supply of construction materials and equipment from Turkey or anywhere else in the world,...

0.0 12 Dec 2014

We are group companies in Turkey. we are manufacture farm machinery and parts. hay rakes, rotar drum mowers, fertilizer spreader etc...

ZB Plastik Tarim Ltd Sti, LS
0.0 27 Jan 2020

Fidan bağlama ipi ve fidan aşılama bandı üretmekteyiz. Firmamız Türkiye'de ithal üretim yapmaktadır. Yıllık üretim kapasitemiz 2.000 Ton'dur.

-1.0 25 Mar 2020

Breevliet Dairy Farmand Agriculture Sector is a family owned and family run farm for three generations. Starting with in the 1970s, it has stayed in the family ever since. As a family, we offering more than 350 products to retail grocers, distributors, restaurants and institutions throughout the...

Ozdemir Pharma Kimya, LS
41 17 Feb 2020

Оздемир Фарма Кимья, основанная в 2008 году в Стамбуле, занимается производством химических удобрений на основе лицензии № 1748 Министерства сельского и лесного хозяйства Турции . 2010 году по заказу сельского хозяства фирма начала выпуск жидкой серы. Активные инвестиции в новое оборудование,...

Atlas Degirmen, LS
9.1 26 Feb 2020

Компания "Атлас" по производству оборудования для комбикормовых заводов в Турции поздравляет вас и приветствует. Проект комбикормового завода считается одним из самых успешных проектов, так как он основан на всем богатстве, которым является животноводство, которое представляет собой большую...

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