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Aerodynamic grain separator
TL  1 /pc   
from TL  3 /pc wholesale
Вентум Агро, LLC, UA Adana, TR
The company-manufacturer offers the Aerodynamic grain separator. Separator makes cleaning and calibration of cereals, legumes, vegetables, melons, fodder crops, as well as all kinds of loose
Peat moss absorbent for oil spill response
Price not specified
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Highly effective clean sphagnum peat moss absorbent from Russia for oil spill response on a water surface and the soil. The natural peat moss absorbent is 4 times more effective than a synthetic
Top Quality Wood Briquettes
Price not specified
Specifications We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives. RUF briquettes are produced from leafy trees sawdust. Compared to firewood
 285 /t FCA   
 280-285 /t wholesale
MS, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
We produce charcoal for export.   In any packing and packaging - price 280 € / ton paper bag (your bag or ours): I didn’t miss, humidity is not higher than 5%, stored in a dry warehouse. Pure 100%
Pp bags
$ 0.13 /pc CIF   
$ 0.12-0.15 /pc wholesale
Jumanazarov Farhad, SP, TM Istanbul, TR
PP woven bags for bulk cargo. Dimensions of the bag at the request of the buyer. Delivery is contractual.
Sığır boğa ve inek ile Ukrayna
Price not specified
ЯОН плюс, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Sayın Baylar! Firmamız Ukrayna helal ürünlerin ihracat tedarik konusunda uzmanlaşmış-kümes hayvanları, sığır eti ve onların işleme ürünleri (sakatat, güveç). Aşağıdaki ürünleri sunuyoruz: Yarı sığır
Soft Milling Wheat CIF Istanbul, Turkey
up to $ 230 /t wholesale
Русская Торговая Организация, LLC, RU Istanbul, TR
Russian state grain company Russian Trade Organization offers the russian milling wheat 2-3 class on terms CIF ports of Turkey by the following characteristics: mass fraction of protein -
Price not specified
Укрднепродон, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Katkısız, çimento özelliklerini değiştirmek için teknoloji ve ekipman sunuyoruz. Bu kimya değil. Beton üretiminde, markaya bağlı olarak, maliyet azaltma (tasarruf), 1 m3 beton için 2.5 - 4 USD
Square steel billets Ukraine origin
$ 460-470 /t wholesale
ТД Гранд-Титан, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Our company has the possibility to sell continuously cast square billets. Country of origin: Ukraine. Dimensions 120x120mm, 125x125mm,130x130, 150x150mm (+/- 3mm); length 6-12 meters. Grades: 3SP,
Will sell containers sea 40 - foot.
$ 1,961 /pc
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
Will sell containers sea 40 - foot. high-D-12.192 m ×W-2.438 m ×V-2.896 m., low-D-12.192 m ×W-2.438 m ×W-2.591 m., 20 - foot container. High-D-6.058 m ×W-2.438 m ×V-2.896 m., Low-D-6.058 m ×W-2.438
Bitüm (bitüm tozu)
$ 125 /t EXW   
from $ 120 /t wholesale
КП Архитектор, LLC, RU Istanbul, TR
Herstel şirketi bitüm tozu üreticisidir. Ürünümüz, yol yapımı ve geleneksel inşaat, membran üretimi, ses ve titreşim yalıtımı gibi geniş bir uygulama alanına sahiptir. Bir de bitümlü astar ve macun
Et Satishi
Price not specified
Slk kronos, LLC, AZ Istanbul, TR
SLK Kronos şirkəti Azərbaycanda, Türkiyədə, İran və MDB ölkələrində ət və quş ətinin idxalı və ixracını həyata keçirir. 1. Mal əti (sümüksuz, dondurulmuş, yüksək növ, 1-ci və 2-ci) 2. Quzu 3. Quş əti
$ 870 /t
Milk Galaxy, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Milk Galaxy Chernigov region implements a spread for export. Spread sweet and sour - consists of a mixture of vegetable and dairy fats. Spread has many advantages, namely the plasticity of the
Onbaşıoğlu Tekstil, toptan havlu ve toptan bornoz üretimi
$ 0.45 /pc   
from $ 0.40 /pc wholesale
Onbasioglu Textile, YSS, Denizli
Onbaşıoğlu Tekstil, toptan havlu ve toptan bornoz üretimi konusunda 10 yılı aşan üretimi boyunca sahip olduğu bilgi ve tecrübeyi, siz değerli müşterileri ile paylaşmanın heyecanını duyar. Kurulduğu
Zinc 66
 300 /g CFR
Энерго Формат, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Manufacturer, direct supplier! Ladies and Gentlemans! FCO - (Full Corporative Offer)Our company is able to deliver to your address the following products, namely: The chemical properties of the
Coal tar coal tar pitch
Price not specified
Кубань Трейдинг, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
Dear Sirs, The company "Kuban Trading" offers wholesale deliveries to foreign contractors of coal tar, pitch and crude benzol from the manufacturer. Deliveries are made on FOB Novorossiysk terms in
$ 226 /t EXW   
$ 226-250 /t wholesale
LLC NK-Trans, LLP, KZ Istanbul, TR
Our company to sell flour suprime and 1-st quality, our price of generation. Please call (Wats up, telegram)
Bar 95 * 95 * 3000 Pine (Grade 3)
 85 /cu m FCA
АЛТ, PUE, BY Ankara, TR
Bar 95 * 95 * 3000 Pine (Grade 3)
MDF, Chipboard, MFC
Price not specified
Хольцгрупп, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Good day, our company is exporting mdf, lmdf, chipboard plate production SWISS KRONO (Russia). Interested in cooperation.
Toptan ayçiçek yağı satacağım
$ 760 /t EXW   
$ 760 /t wholesale
Туркиневич С. И., SP, UA Istanbul, TR
Toptan ayçiçek yağı satacağım
Chickpeas "Bar"
from $ 1,500 /t wholesale
Градина, SRL, MD Ankara, TR
The LLC Gradina company sells large-fruited Israeli seed chickpeas " Bar " +10, weight of 1000 seeds of 484 grams
The most reasonable price PP bags, Best quality
$ 1,500-1,750 /t wholesale
Merwfoto ES, SE, TM Istanbul, TR
We produce and sell PP bags. Best quality. 100 % PP. The most reasonable price. 100% reusable and durable Eco-friendly Easy to clean and antibacterial Transportation CPT Size: 1. 55 cm * 105 cm
Birch veneer
 225-235 /cu m wholesale
ВудПлай, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
The company WoodPlay sells birch veneer, peeled. Format: 2600x1300x1.5mm 2600x1600x1.5mm 1600x1600x1.5mm Production by your parameters is possible. Grade: mix 1-4 (15% - Grade 1, 30% - Grade 4, 55% -
Tunnel Pasteurizer
Price not specified
Hermis, UAB, LT Ankara, TR
Capacity from 1 000 till 10 000 cans/hour; Product: vegetables and canned foods; Material: stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L, AISI 316Ti, AISI 321  Whole process of pasteurization is fully
Paper A4, Premium Class from the manufacturer in bulk
from  2.05 /pc wholesale
Alexandru Besleaga, DE, DE Ankara, TR
Whatsapp, viber: German company Papier & Kanzleiware Inh. Maia Besleaga, offers wholesale A4 office paper, 80 gcm, 75 gsm, 70 gsm, Grade Premium and Grade A from the manufacturer. Delivery is carried
Price not specified
Biomass Market Services, OÜ, EE Ankara, TR
We sell bard dry after-alcohol and fodder yeast (in granules and sawdust). Packing of big-bags or bags of 25-30 kg. Import from Russia and Ukraina. We can supply DAP by car, as well as container CIF
Kömür 6000 - 6500 kcal/kg CIF a port in Turkey
from $ 90 /t wholesale
Carbo C, Branch, KZ Istanbul, TR
CIF price - a port of Turkey Steam coal by Carbo C. We supply coal from Russia and Kazakhstan via Novorossiysk port. Feel free to contact us.
Hydraulic press Moldmatik-450 with sliding table
Price not specified
ДМЗ, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Press 1980 year, complete, force 450t. Location:Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region. Technical details: force of closure 450t opening force 80t max daylight between slide and plate 2000mm stroke of slide
 125 /cu m EXW   
from  125 /cu m wholesale
Imex-wood, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Machine Rounded poles pine ( Ukraine)
Livestock, ox gallstone and ostrich chicks
Price not specified
Nkos Agro Farms, PLC, ZA Istanbul, TR
Nkosi Agro Farms Pty Ltd, primary goal is to supply the highest quality animals at the most competitive price. Through our rigid selection process, health testing, final inspection and follow up
Lithium Fluoride LiF 99,0% CAS Numbers 7789-24
 18 /kg FCA   
 17 /kg wholesale
Simons, JSC, RU Istanbul, TR
It is made in Russia. Lithium Fluoride LiF 99,0% CAS Numbers 7789-24 «component of chemical sources of current». Chemical formula: LiF Purity of product 99% Appearance: fine crystal powder of white
from $ 341 /t wholesale
Апостолье, LLC, RU Istanbul, TR
"Apostol'e" LLC sells Flour GOST to/from the bag at 50kg. Gluten 28, white 55-57, IDC 70. Price FCA pickup to the volume of 20t. From one 20ftl the price is discussed
Price not specified
Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD Istanbul, TR
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time we are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By truck Packing – Bags 35 Kg Price on conditions FCA –
Film Faced EXT Plywood from Russian Federation
Price not specified
ARION Company, LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
Film Faced EXT Plywood from Russian Federation Format: 1525x3050 mm Thickness (mm): 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 Grade:1/1, 1/2, 1/3 Film: Dark brown, density 120 g/m2, F/F,
100% cotton yarn
$ 1.50-4 /kg wholesale
Alliance Textile, LLC, UZ Istanbul, TR
Cotton yarn from Uzbekistan, carded, ring, open end, spinning for weaving and knitting in a big quantity.
Charcoal briquette
$ 550 /t FCA   
$ 530-550 /t wholesale
3-Д Фирма, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Sell ​​high-quality charcoal briquette own production for a barbecue. Our product is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, which is safe for human health, and is also the best fuel for
Aluminum Used Beverage Can
Price not specified
Ubc Aluminum Scrap Cans Aluminum Scrap cans Specifications The purity of UBC aluminium is 96%. Aluminum UBC Scrap for more infromation do contact us with your email address and your whatsapp
Rols of PP bags
$ 1,300 /t CIF   
$ 1,250-1,500 /t wholesale
Jumanazarov Farhad, SP, TM Istanbul, TR
Rolls of polypropylene bags. The weight of one roll is 250-350 kg, the width of the bag is 55-56 cm.
Skimmed milk powder 1.5 % Belarus
Price not specified
ЯОН плюс, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Yağsız süt tozu 1.5 % yağ içeriği, protein 34 % sunuyoruz.25kg çanta. Üretici-Büyükanne 1.5$+kdv. Hacim büyüktür.
Hard Wheat CIF Mersin, Turkey
up to $ 275 /t wholesale
Русская Торговая Организация, LLC, RU Mersin, TR
Russian grain company Russian Trade Organization (RTO) offers the russian durum wheat 2-3 class on terms CIF Mersin, Turkey by the following characteristics: mass fraction of protein -