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Will sell containers sea 40 - foot.
$ 1,961 /pc
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
Will sell containers sea 40 - foot. high-D-12.192 m ×W-2.438 m ×V-2.896 m., low-D-12.192 m ×W-2.438 m ×W-2.591 m., 20 - foot container. High-D-6.058 m ×W-2.438 m ×V-2.896 m., Low-D-6.058 m ×W-2.438
Soft Milling Wheat CIF Istanbul, Turkey
up to $ 230 /t wholesale
Русская Торговая Организация, LLC, RU Istanbul, TR
Russian state grain company Russian Trade Organization offers the russian milling wheat 2-3 class on terms CIF ports of Turkey by the following characteristics: mass fraction of protein -
Silindirler Kauçuk işleme silindirleri.
$ 25,000 /person CIF   
from $ 25,000 /pc wholesale
Гумаимпекс, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Rollers Rollers for rubber processing. Sale of Rollers for rubber processing -RF 800. Designed for grinding the mixture of regenerated and its production. The rollers has been used. They are in
Price not specified
Farm Dobra korivka. TM Mykko, FE, UA Istanbul, TR
Our company produces true Dutch cheese Gouda made of cow and goat milk, as well as elite cheese with whiskey, truffels, nuts and fenugreek.
Square steel billets Ukraine origin
$ 470-480 /t wholesale
ТД Гранд-Титан, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Our company has the possibility to sell continuously cast square billets. Country of origin: Ukraine. Dimensions 120x120mm, 125x125mm,130x130, 150x150mm (+/- 3mm); length 6-12 meters. Grades: 3SP,
Sığır boğa ve inek ile Ukrayna
Price not specified
ЯОН плюс, LLC, BY Ankara, TR
Sayın Baylar! Firmamız Ukrayna helal ürünlerin ihracat tedarik konusunda uzmanlaşmış-kümes hayvanları, sığır eti ve onların işleme ürünleri (sakatat, güveç). Aşağıdaki ürünleri sunuyoruz: Yarı sığır
Сurd product
Price not specified
Our company sells the curd product. Fat content 10%, packing 10 kg (cardboard box). Wholesale supply.
Price not specified
Драгун А.В., SP, BY Ankara, TR
The Belarusian production company produces and sells to the European market sawn timber of export quality. The company is working on a modern disk hardware. The monthly volume of products 1000-1300
Frame-panel houses
 200 /sq m   
 150-200 /sq m wholesale
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive experience in the construction, I want to offer the supply of
Petek üretimi için matris
 220 /pc
Bee Worker, PE, UA Ankara, TR
Yeni! Matris, bal peteğinin evde yuvarlanması veya dökülmesi için özellikle dayanıklıdır. Hücre boyutları ile çalışma yüzeyinin boyutu: 410 mm x 260 mm (verilen), matris kalınlığı yaklaşık 1
Auto Spare parts . Only wholesale supply
Price not specified
FORCE, GmbH, DE Istanbul, TR
Our company has 20 years of experience as a specialised wholesale company for the supply of original and new spare parts, specially for aftermarket parts. We have the possibility to supply you with
 125 /cu m EXW   
from  125 /cu m wholesale
Imex-wood, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Machine Rounded poles pine ( Ukraine)
Olei sojia sloniczna
$ 760 /t EXW   
TL  760-761 /t wholesale
Туркиневич С. И., SP, UA Istanbul, TR
Olei soia slonechnik
Et Satishi
Price not specified
Slk kronos, LLC, AZ Istanbul, TR
SLK Kronos şirkəti Azərbaycanda, Türkiyədə, İran və MDB ölkələrində ət və quş ətinin idxalı və ixracını həyata keçirir. 1. Mal əti (sümüksuz, dondurulmuş, yüksək növ, 1-ci və 2-ci) 2. Quzu 3. Quş əti
Condensed Milk ProductionLine
Price not specified
Normit food, S.R.O., SK Istanbul, TR
We offer technology of production of condensed milk method recovery of powdered milk and mixing with sugar for creating a supersaturated solution without the need evaporate excess amount of moisture.
Pumpkin seed, pumpkin seed kernel, peeled pumpkin seeds
$ 3.50 /kg EXW
Аякс-Текстиль, PE, UA Istanbul, TR
The quality indicators of pumpkin seed kernels Organic, physical and chemical indicators Grade, the highest: The kernel of pumpkin seeds, variety "Yellow Ukrainian Multiple"; Caliber: 6+; Appearance:
$ 1 /kg FCA   
$ 0.12-0.15 /kg wholesale
Фахр Сауда, SP, KZ Istanbul, TR
I will sell potato Kyrgyzstan Harvest 2018 Sorta Picasso, Jelly Large shipment volume Let's help with transport
Chili Spice
$ 1.80 /t
Global group expo, LLC, UZ Istanbul, TR
The company "Global Group Expo" provides chili peppers of the highest quality under the brand Chili Spice. Under the supervision of the best specialists in this field, we grow two types of pepper -
Sell red and white beans wholesale, origin Kyrgyzstan
TL  1 /t FCA
Иванов М.С., SP, RU Ankara, TR
Hello.   We are a broker of red and white beans. How many are ready to buy right now? In the presence of 350 tons of red and about 200 tons of white. We provide peeling, cleaning and packing services
CNC Plasma, Oxy-Fuel, Water Jet, Pipe-Profile Cutting Machin
Price not specified
Berusmak is the premier manufacturer of Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines in Turkey. We produce Cnc controlled Plasma cutting machines With 13 years’ experience. Our machines are sold nearly 30 countries
Production of board for pallets
 100 /cu m FCA
Таранов И.В., SP, BY Istanbul, TR
We are exploring the demand for the manufacture of pallet boards (22 * 98 * 800/1000/1200; 22 * 143 * 800/1000/1200; 75 * 75; 78 * 98; 98 * 98; 78 * 143; 143 * 143),
Selling an Angarsk larch board
 235-250 /cu m wholesale
Профснаб, LLC, RU Istanbul, TR
Moisture 18% Length 6 meters variety 1-4 GOST 26002-83
Charcoal briquette
$ 550 /t FCA   
$ 530-550 /t wholesale
3-Д Фирма, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Sell ​​high-quality charcoal briquette own production for a barbecue. Our product is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, which is safe for human health, and is also the best fuel for
from $ 1,500 /t wholesale
Градина, SRL, MD Ankara, TR
The LLC Gradina company sells large-fruited Israeli seed chickpeas " Bar " +10, weight of 1000 seeds of 484 grams
Lumber / Timber from the manufacturer
Price not specified
ЛамберРус, LLC, RU Istanbul, TR
We accept orders for the manufacture of lumber. No cracks. A small amount of knots. The corners of the boards without rounding. The company has several production bases in the territory of the
 5 /sq m EXW   
 4.50 /sq m wholesale
Benomex, LLC, UA Istanbul, TR
Specifications Quality ABC mix Volume 13000 m2 (sqm) Spot - 1 time Surface area 13000 m2 (sqm) Thickness 0.55 mm Description Veneer made of teak (tectona grandis) is manufactured at the Ukrshpon
Aerodynamic grain separator
TL  1 /pc   
from TL  3 /pc wholesale
Вентум Агро, LLC, UA Adana, TR
The company-manufacturer offers the Aerodynamic grain separator. Separator makes cleaning and calibration of cereals, legumes, vegetables, melons, fodder crops, as well as all kinds of loose
Dry brewer's yeast
 1 /t EXW
SLT, PE, UA Ankara, TR
Dry brewer's yeast is a unique product that contains up to 40-55% of high-quality, complete, easily digestible protein, which includes 17 essential amino acids, most of which are essential. It
Charcoal briquettes for barbecues
Price not specified
Соколовский А.В., SP, RU Ankara, TR
Our company( Enterpriser Anatoly Sokolovsky,  Perm, Russian Federation) produce charcoal briquettes for barbecues from seeding of birch coal (up to 200 tons per month) рacked in big bags of 450-500
$ 226 /t EXW   
$ 226-250 /t wholesale
LLC NK-Trans, LLP, KZ Istanbul, TR
Our company to sell flour suprime and 1-st quality, our price of generation. Please call (Wats up, telegram)
$ 62-64 /Баррель (barrel) wholesale
Аудиотелком, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Sell Aviation kerosene JP54, $ 64 / bbl, there are also A1, D6, Crude oil light. All FOB Rotterdam
Alcyone premium syrup
up to $ 4 /l wholesale
IDS - Intrepid Dorich service, LLC, UZ Ankara, TR
Syrup of the new generation * sugar free * does not freeze at temperatures below 0 * long shelf life * not crystallized * universal & multipurpose application sphere: 1. Production of energy
Onbaşıoğlu Tekstil, toptan havlu ve toptan bornoz üretimi
$ 0.45 /pc   
from $ 0.40 /pc wholesale
Onbasioglu Textile, YSS, Denizli
Onbaşıoğlu Tekstil, toptan havlu ve toptan bornoz üretimi konusunda 10 yılı aşan üretimi boyunca sahip olduğu bilgi ve tecrübeyi, siz değerli müşterileri ile paylaşmanın heyecanını duyar. Kurulduğu
Pake laminant Resiliant textile and laminate floor covering
 4 /sq m   
 3.50-3.99 /sq m wholesale
Zirve international trade, LS, Adana
In our stock have for sell i am looking a serious buyer Resiliant textile and laminate floor coverings. Stratified wooden flooring protected with a pure pvc transparent film and with a layer of
Price not specified
Золотой барс, LLC, BY Istanbul, TR
We sell soybeans, for human consumption, GMOs and non-GMOs. Quality parameters: Without GMO: Country of origin: India, Brazil. Protein: min. 38% Humidity: max. 13.5% Oil content: min.
Hydraulic press Moldmatik-450 with sliding table
Price not specified
ДМЗ, LLC, UA Ankara, TR
Press 1980 year, complete, force 450t. Location:Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region. Technical details: force of closure 450t opening force 80t max daylight between slide and plate 2000mm stroke of slide
Solar Gas Turbine Fuel Injector Test Bench
$ 300,000 /pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU Ankara, TR
The company will develop and manufacture a test bench for testing the fuel injectors of Solar industrial gas turbines. The test bench meets the current rules and requirements for ensuring the quality
Feed Barley Ukraine and Russia Origin
Price not specified
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Corporation, UA Ankara, TR
Feed Barley Ukraine and Russia Origin crop 2018.. Delivery FOB Black Sea ports only! Mr. Angel Malinovski Ukraine Office, Kiev-Odessa zooma07#gmail#com
 720,000 /pc
Савченко, PE, UA Antalya, TR
Total length-32meters, width-7,2meters, displacement 150tons, class k-o(unlimited regions of sailing), keel 9meters-29 tons, body-galvanized steel, kind-ketch(two mast). Is locadet in Turkey-marmaris
Metal structures of any complexity. Manufacture. Sale.
$ 1,461 /t
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ Ankara, TR
We do what you need us to do... We are glad to offer you our services in manufacturing and installation of metal structures of any complexity, commercial, warehouses, aircraft hangars, service